Emma Stone by Craig McDean for Vogue US May issue

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Kurt, Burt & Blaine scene

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Wayne Brady has reached the level of Eternal Scout

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Nicki Minaj attends ‘The other woman’ premiere

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You’re never to big to be a lapdog.

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it’s back

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wait, shit. i just made myself so excited. imagine it. harry styles, newly-elected head cheerleader, a little ditzy with his head in the clouds and just wanting to, like, work hard!! and have fun!! let’s take it from the top, you guys! i know we can do this!

and then there’s louis. can you imagine him, though? stood there in the gym with a bored look on his face, doing a million improbable backflips and roundoffs and then panting, smirking, like, i’m good enough and you can’t deny it

"but can he yell?” zayn says, narrowing his eyes. 

"yeah, let’s try a basic cheer," harry says, kicking zayn under the table. be nice, he mouths at him. zayn looks suspicious.

louis stares at him, dead-eyed, and then pastes a fake, wide grin on his face. 

"I moved here from los angeles, this school has no gymnastics team, this IS a last reSORT!" he yells, and the grin falls off harry’s face. 

(but then of course, friendship, fierce loving friendship and learning to appreciate each other and the glorious art of cheerleading and being original and not stealing from the clovers and BONDING and SLEEPOVERS.

plus, louis’ older brother nick grimshaw - new in school, messy quiff, glasses, forever with his headphones on and grinning at harry like he knows all harry’s secrets. calling him “princess”, until harry smacks him in the arm and nick stumbles back, gasping, laughing, “god, you’re stronger than you look!” making him mixtapes, boinging harry’s curls, pretending not to give a shit about his brother’s cheerleading and then staring at harry’s shiny bright eyes and fit arse the whole time) 

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jesy ain’t got no time 

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